300W Full Spectrum Daylight (6500K) 4500 Lumen LED Flood Bulb

300W Full Spectrum Daylight (6500K) 4500 Lumen LED Flood Bulb


Price: $27.95 USD
Wide Application
Ideal for your home, office, hotel, supermarket, store, garage, and more.
330 degrees of light distribution. Instant on. Standard E26 base for easy installation.

Multi-Facet 300 Watt LED Bulb
Design as a 300W daylight bulb replacement for every day home, office and business. This specialty light is smaller in size than most high output led bulbs, making it more advantageous for projects where aesthetics and modulation are important.

Daylight White (6500K) Color
Flicker-free full spectrum daylight color. This specialty bulb produces a strong powerful white light at 6500 Kelvin without any harsh glares, and high CRI 80. Ideal for homes, businesses, or natural light source for green plants.

2 Year Warranty
Operating life of 25,000 hours and energy efficient

This 300-watt high power full spectrum daylight bulb uses very little electrically at only 50 watts. Works in any standard socket (E26) and runs on 110VAC. This bulb has 330 degrees of light distribution. It can also be used in many multi-facet applications to replace HID, Metal Halide and other high wattage bulbs. For plant lovers, this daylight bulb is a great supplement for all seasons. Recommended use in Short-Day Plants and Day-Neutral Plants where no more than 8-10 hours of daylight is required.

Wattage: 50W
Input Voltage: 110VAC 60Hz
IP Rating: IP20 (Indoor Use)
Size: 3.5x6.5 (not including the E26 base)
Optics: 330 Flood Light

Additional Information
Power off light fixture prior to install
Use in open fixtures only
Do not operate 24 hours non-stop (voids the warranty).
This specialty bulb requires some rest time to cool down
Not Dimmable

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