4.2mm Bicolor LED

3mm Bicolor LED Low Profile bicolor led with conical 130 degree to 145 degree viewing angle. The LED housing has maximum height of 4.5mm.
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 White Bicolor LED

5mm Bicolor LED Diodes Large selection of both common anode and cathode bicolor white led diodes in assortment of packages.
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 4 PIN Bicolor LED

Special Shape Bicolor LED Superflux bicolor led design for high current operation. High intensity with selection of 70 to 160 degree viewability.
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 2 PIN Bicolor LED

Big Bicolor LED Lamps Bicolor 2 leaded LED Diodes available in full spectrum of visible colors and assorted packages.
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 12VDC Bicolor LED

Surface Mount Bicolor LED DIY 9VDC to 12VDC LED diodes. These led diodes have internal resistor chip built inside the housing.
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 3mm Bicolor LED

3mm Bicolor LED Bicolor 3mm thru-hole LEDs from white to blue to yellow, green, red, UV and more. High bright daylight viewable bicolor 3mm led lamps.
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 5mm Bicolor LED Diodes

5mm Bicolor LED Diodes 5mm bicolor led for medical, signage, outdoor indicator lighting and more. Rugged and durable, ultra bright daylight viewable bicolor led lamps.
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 Special Shape Bicolor LED

Special Shape Bicolor LED Unique thru-hole style bicolor led for signage and other outdoor lighting projects.
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 Big Bicolor LED Lamps

Big Bicolor LED Lamps Large size bicolor led from 8mm to 10mm round and more sizes. Super bright sun light viewable for outdoor displays and indicator lighting.
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 Surface Mount Bicolor LED

Surface Mount Bicolor LED Multi-color and bi-color Chip SMD, PLCC top view SMD and thru-hole surface mountable dual color leds.
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 High Power Bicolor LED

High Power Bicolor LED Power bi-color led. High output drive current up to 700mA per led.
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