Superior Led Lighting Products from LC LED

LEDs (Light Emitting Diodes) lighting products will one day replace the Edison light bulb. Unlike incandescent, fluorescent and halogen lights, LED base lighting technology has the ability to last well over 50,000 hrs (or 5 years). The LEDs we carry are the highest quality in the industry and can be applied to a wide variety of lighting applications. Please browse our product line below.

LED Special LED

Special Shape LED
12V Resistor LED

12V LED & Resistor LED
Blinking LED

Blinking LED
Bicolor bi color RGB LED

Bicolor LED
super bright led

Super Bright LED Lamp

8mm 10mm led

8mm & 10mm LED

Surface Mount LED

Surface Mount LED
4 pin led

round led cluster display,  square led cluster display

LED Cluster

7 segment single digit led display

7 Segment LED

dot matrix led display

Dot Matrix LED

alphanumeric led display

Alpha–Numeric LED
led light bulbs

LED Light Bulbs

LED Power Emitter

Power Emitter
Multi-Color Oval LED

Multi-Color Oval LED

Light emitting diode is a solid state semiconductor which uses a forward biased current to achieve energy efficiency while generating light. We offer a complete line of compact and robust super bright led lamps such as T1 (3mm), T1 � (5mm), 8mm & 10mm round led lamps, 4-PIN, bicolor and RGB LEDs. Unique functional packages such as ultra bright oval leds for outdoor signage, blinking led and 12V resistor led. Display base indicator lighting such as 7 segment and alpha-numeric led displays in white, blue, red, green and yellow colors.

Our line of rugged surface mount led packages in 0603, 0805 & 1206 chip smd leds, top led (3.5mmx2.8mm), along with our popular axial and dome smds. 12V led lights and household light bulb replacements are also available using our latest indium gallium base led technology.

Our white led clusters have been used by NASA for engineering prototypes for future space exploration, some of our other led application usages are traffic signal lamps, emergency lighting, automotive lighting (both exterior & interior), energy efficient eco-green friendly led light bulbs, panel instrumentation illumination, medical devices, safety lighting, outdoor led base signs and displays, general indicator lighting. All of our led lamps are rugged, super bright and highly reliable.

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