LED Lamps

LC LED offers lamps that are highly reliable and ideal for both indoor and outdoor applications. Our feature products include unique multi-color functionalities in our oval and 5mm led lamps - for outdoor signage, device indicators and sensors.
Super Bright LED Lamps Bi Color LEDs

 12V LED lamps
 3W 5mm LED
 1.8mm LED
 3mm Flat Top LED
 5mm Flat Top LED
 5mm LED 145 Degree
 Rectangular LED
 3mm LED Lamp
 5mm Red & Amber LED
 LED Lamp: 5mm LED White, Blue & Green
 Blinking LEDs

 Bi Color LEDs

4 Pin LEDs Big LED Lamps

 4-PIN LED Single Color
 Bicolor Superflux 4-PIN LED
 RGB 4-PIN Superflux LED

 8mm Power LED Lamp
 8mm LED Lamp
 10mm LED Lamp

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