250W-200W Warm White (3000K) 4000 Lumen 350W LED Bulb

250W-200W Warm White (3000K) 4000 Lumen 350W LED Bulb


Pricing Information:

0--1 pcs : $29.95 USD
0--1 pcs : $29.95 USD
0--1 pcs : $29.95 USD
0--1 pcs : $29.95 USD
0+ pcs : $29.95 USD
Wide Application
Ideal for your home, office, hotel, supermarket, store, garage, and more. T style lantern shape design with 330 degrees of light distribution. Instant on. Standard E26 base for easy installation.

Commercial Grade 250 Watt LED Bulb
High quality led driver design for 50,000 hours of operating life. Super bright with 4200 lumens of light. High efficiency using only 35 watts to replace 350W incandescent bulb.

Warm White (3000K) Color
Flicker-free warm white color. This bulb produces a soft relaxing light at 3000 Kelvin without any harsh glares, and a high CRI 85.

3 Year Warranty
Long lasting and super energy efficient with 97% power factor rating

This LC LED 250W light bulb produces high lumens per watt efficiency of 117lm/W while using only 35 watts. Intensity output is 4200 lumens making this bulb an ideal choice for large area commercial and residential lighting where quality and reliability is a must. Features top quality leds from Samsung affording longevity and cost savings over 50,000 hours of operating life. This warm white (3000K) bulb works for indoor retail lighting such as in malls, warehouses, other large area lighting. Can be use in both post top and horizontal type fixtures. Not ballast compatible and runs directly on 110VAC (bypass the ballast if present).

Wattage: 35W
Input Voltage: 85-265VAC 60Hz
Power Factor: 0.97
IP Rating: IP20 (Indoor Use)
Optics: 330

Additional Information
Power off light fixture prior to install
Not recommended to be use in totally enclosed fixture
Do not look directly at the light source for long periods of time
Not Dimmable

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