Red Dot Matrix - 5x7 LED Anode Row on Red Background

Red Dot Matrix - 5x7 LED Anode Row on Red Background


Pricing Information:

6-99 pcs : $2.89 USD
100-249 pcs : $2.18 USD
250-499 pcs : $2.08 USD
500-999 pcs : $1.68 USD
1000+ pcs : $1.59 USD
Super bright red dot matrix display, ideal for graphics panels, suitable for low power or high ambient intensities, long distance viewability. Luminous Intensity: 45,000 ucd per dot. Size: 2.09". Red color background. Anode row, cathode column configuration. Dice Material: InGaAlP Red (630nm). Cathode Row, anode column also available in this model.

Click here for datasheets and technical specifications.

To order samples(6 pieces $17.34) click here.

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