60W (250W, 350W, 400W) LED Corn Light Bulb

60W (250W, 350W, 400W) LED Corn Light Bulb


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  • 60W Replaces 8160 Lumen Metal Halide, HID & Other High Wattage Bulbs
  • Suitable for Outdoor and Damp Locations (IP65). Exterior Housing is Dust and Moisture Proof
  • Uses Thermally Conducive Aviation Grade Aluminum for Superior Heat Sink. Keeps the Exterior Housing Hot While Keeping the Interior LED Light Engine / LED Driver Cool and Running Smoothly. Does Not Require an Internal Fan. Engineer to Last 50,000+ Hours
  • Provides Exceptional Full Spectrum (6000K) Light
  • Must be Use in Direct Voltage 90VAC-300VAC. Not Ballast Compatible. E39 Mogul Socket
60W LED Corn Bulb Replacement for (300W, 350W, 400W) Metal Halide, HID/HPS Bulbs, Daylight White (6000K), Water Proof IP65, UL Listed, E39 Mogul Screw, 360 Degree

This LC LED corn light bulb produces high lumens per watt efficiency of 125lm/W while using only 60 watts. Intensity output of this corn led bulb is 8160 lumens. Design for large area commercial and residential lighting applications where quality and reliability is a must. Features top quality leds from Samsung affording longevity and cost savings over 50,000+ hours of operating life. This led corn bulb works for parking lots, warehouses or as a large area street light. Recommend for use in post top applications and not in horizontal type fixtures. Not ballast compatible and runs directly from 90VAC-300VAC (bypass the ballast if present). Suitable for wet locations but not where directly exposed to water.

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