150W PAR30 LED Warm White Flood LED Bulb

150W PAR30 LED Warm White Flood LED Bulb


Price: $32.00 USD
150W PAR30/PAR38 Flood Replacement. 32W 2600 lumens, Warm White (3000K). Wide Angle Flood. Not Dimmable.

This 32W PAR30 LED bulb is an energy saving alternative to traditional halogen, CFL and HID pulse start PAR bulbs. Operates on a conventional medium screw base without the need for a ballast (required for HID pulse start), or long warm up times associated with CFL halogens. We use only the finest components and materials in the construction of this PAR30 led bulb. Fire retardant housing, superior high power LEDs from Cree, anti-glare lense, Tier I smart led driver for optimal operating life of 30,000 hrs. Excellent color chromaticity (CRI of 85) producing an exceptionally uniform and smooth light. Wide Angle flood. Warm white (3000K) in color. Intensity approximately 2600 lumens. Consumes 32 watts. Operates at 110VAC. Not dimmable.

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