A23 200W LED Bulb Warm White 2860 Lumens

A23 200W LED Bulb  Warm White 2860 Lumens


Price: $28.00 USD
Not Dimmable. 150W to 200W Replacement. 22W Warm White.

This 150W-200W warm white light bulb has an aluminum housing that is design to be shattered and shock resistant. High intensity of 2,860 lumens. Superior luminous efficacy of 91.72 lm/W. CRI index of 85. Replaces 150W and 200W incandescent light bulb while consuming only 22 watts of power. This led bulb delivers accurate watt equivalent lumen brightness with a lumens per watt efficiency exceeding 90%. We use only the finest components in the construction of this led bulb, including Tier I led driver for optimal operating life of 30,000 hrs. Not dimmable. A23 style light bulb package, width of 3.15" and height of 6.3"

Every Purchase Comes With a 25 Month Replacement Warranty

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