LC LED 250W-350W LED Bulb, 35W 4500 Lumens, Daylight White (6000K). 330 Degree. Non-Dimmable Large Size Bulb


        35 Watt Replaces 4500 Lumens Daylight Bulb. Super Energy Efficient With 97% Power Factor. Means No Wasted Energy. All the Work Goes to Lighting the LEDs and Not Creating Heat or Resistance. Omni-Directional With 330 Degree of Light Distribution

        High Output Medium Bay Light Replacement for Supermarkets, Warehouses (Medium Bay Light), Gyms, Garage, Museums, Mom & Pop Convenience Stores, Any Place Using High Output Lights. Ideal HID (Metal Halide) Replacements While Saving You Money

        High Performance 50,000 Hour LED Driver

        Input Voltage: 85VAC-265VAC. Standard Screw Size (E26)






LC LED Corporation