12V LED Light Bulb - 75W

12V LED Light Bulb - 75W

12VDC 75W LED Bulb

Price: $28.95 USD

12VDC 75W A19 Style LED Bulb

Our 12VDC A19 LED bulb is design to put out as much as 60 to 75 watts of light. Uses 9 x 1W high power led emitters. Cool to the touch, requiring virtually no electricty to operate, consumes 9W. Ideal for solar and battery power applications, edison E27 screw base. Operating DC voltage range from 10VDC-18VDC. Width of 2.4" and length of 4.85".

This model is also available in cool white, special color bulbs ship within 10-14 days.

Click here for datasheets and technical specifications.

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