3mm 12V LED - White

3mm 12V LED - White


Pricing Information:

15-99 pcs : $1.38 USD
100-249 pcs : $1.08 USD
250-499 pcs : $0.97 USD
500-999 pcs : $0.78 USD
1000+ pcs : $0.68 USD
Clear Len 12VDC 3mm Super White (30 Deg.) LED: 5,000 mcd

3mm 12VDC super bright 12V white led diode. Built-in 1000 ohm resistor. Ideal 12VDC replacement for computers, radio, dashboards, etc. You can pretty much use this in any item that runs on 12VDC, not 12VAC (will not work). Low power consumption, fairly bright and relatively sunlight visible. Viewing angles: 30 Degree. Do not exceed the recommended current load of 20mA.

Click here for datasheets and technical specifications.

To order samples(15 pieces $20.70) click here.

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