LC LED 200W High Output PAR30/PAR38 LED Bulb, 40W 3500 Lumens, Warm White (3000K), Metal Halide, CFL & Halogen PAR Replacement, Non-Dimmable

Product Highlights

    40W PAR30 replaces 200W High Output Warm White Halogen


    Design for Large Area Lighting. Great for High Ceilings


    Superior Quality Design to Last 30,000 hrs


    Narrow spot light of 15 degrees

Product Description

This 40W PAR30 LED bulb is an energy saving alternative to traditional halogen, CFL and HID pulse start PAR bulbs. Operates on a conventional medium screw base without the need for a ballast (required for HID pulse start), or long warm up times associated with CFL halogens. Consider the energy savings and longevity of our PAR30 led bulb designed with Cree leds for superior operating life lasting 20 times longer than traditional PAR bulbs. The housing consists of a light weight polymer composite that is both fire retardant and high strength. This PAR30 bulb has a color rendering index of 85 (CRI). Warm white (3000K) in color. Intensity approximately 3500 lumens. Focus spot light 15 degrees. Consumes 40 watts. Power factor of 97%. The electric fan uses hydro bearing based design for above average lifespan and low noise. DBA "noise level" of about 26 (slightly audible). Operates at 110VAC, and not dimmable.


Additional Information

Superior power factor of 97%

Color rendering index of 85

Quiet active cooling system using an internal fan

Not suitable for totally enclosed fixtures, Indoor Only (Not Moisture Proof) / Protected Outdoor

Not to be use on dimmer (will damage led bulb),


Technical Highlights

PAR30 Size Bulb: 4.72 Length x 3.74 Width

Color: 3000K (Warm White)

CRI: 85

Wattage: 40W

Luminous Flux: 3500 lm

Incandescent Equivalent: 200W

Voltage: 110VAC


Warranty Information

LC LED will honor all purchases made on our website with a 25 Month Replacement Warranty. Buyers will not pay any additional fees or shipping cost for replacement bulbs.

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