4-PIN 5mm LED - Super Red

4-PIN 5mm LED - Super Red


Pricing Information:

25-99 pcs : $0.78 USD
100-249 pcs : $0.58 USD
250-499 pcs : $0.43 USD
500-999 pcs : $0.38 USD
1000+ pcs : $0.33 USD
Super Flux Red Lamp: 5,000 mcd

7.62mm x 7.62mm water clear package. High performance super flux led lamps, suitable for high pulse operation of up to 100mA. 5mm size len allows for wide area of light distribution. Ideal for displays, moving message boards or backlighting signs. Color: InGaAlP/GaP TS Red (630nm). Intensity: 5 cd (If=20mA). Total angle: 90 Deg.

Click here for datasheets and technical specifications.

To order samples(25 pieces $19.50) click here.

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