5mm RGB LED - Water Clear Anode

5mm RGB LED  - Water Clear Anode


Pricing Information:

15-99 pcs : $1.89 USD
100-199 pcs : $1.68 USD
200-299 pcs : $1.48 USD
300-499 pcs : $1.42 USD
500+ pcs : $1.33 USD
5mm RGB Tri-Color LED: (Anode) Clear Lens

5mm water clear super red, green and blue RGB tricolor led lamp. Colors: InGaN green (525 nm), InGaN blue (470nm) and InGaAlP red (630nm). Intensity: green 4.5 cd (Vf = 3.3V), blue 3.0 cd (Vf=3.3V) and red 4.1 cd (Vf = 1.8V). Viewing angles: 30 Deg. Common Anode to Red Cathode, Green Cathode and Blue Cathode

Click here for datasheets and technical specifications.

To order samples(15 pieces $28.35) click here.

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